About Excalibur

Recognised provider for COVID testing

Recognised provider for COVID testing

We know that in these uncertain times the need for speed, accuracy of testing, and excellence of service are vital to help keep people safe and businesses open.

Excalibur Healthcare Services runs one of the fastest PCR testing laboratories in the UK. We are recognised by the UK Accreditation Service and approved by the Department of Health and Social Care as a private provider for general COVID testing, Test to Release and Test to Travel examinations.

Expertise and innovation

We are scientists devoted to using our expertise to bring rapid COVID-19 testing to those that need it.

The Test To Go application is our latest innovation designed to provide a fast and accurate interpretation of COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Test results. It has been developed in collaboration with Sensyne Health plc, a biotechnology company dedicated to improving health through the application of artificial intelligence (AI) using MagnifEyeTM technology.

Not only does the app take the guesswork out of interpreting test results, but it also enables you to store and retrieve COVID-19 test results easily on your smartphone. Now you can share your COVID-19 status with those that may need to see it.

Test To Go splash screen

Test To Go working for businesses

Employers and employees want to know they are working in a safe environment and knowing the COVID status of those in the organisation is not only important but may save lives. That’s why we created the Test To Go app. Businesses can use this as part of their COVID response planning to test staff, providing accurate results quickly and generating testing reports in real-time. The Test To Go AdministratorsPortal gives businesses updates on which staff have been tested, when and their test results. Now you can see the COVID-19 status of your business, at a glance.

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