For individuals

iPhone showing the questionnaire for the Test to go mobile app

What you can do with Test To Go

The Excalibur LFT and PCR tests are designed to work with the Test To Go app on your smartphone. You can carry out the following activities on the Test To Go app, in conjunction with your Excalibur Test: 

  • Watch the training video about how to self-administer an Excalibur LFT
  • Demonstrate your understanding of the training by completing the questionnaire about how to self-administer an Excalibur LFT
  • When you have passed the training, you will be able to:
    - Take an Excalibur LFT and receive the test result in seconds
    - Show the test result to others
    - Scan another individual’s profile and see their test results
    - Access additional help and support
  • Access the Excalibur website to order Excalibur LFT and PCR tests
  • Register your ExcaliburHome PCR test, receive and view the result of that test
  • Create profiles for other people, for example family members, so they can take an LFT test, register a PCR test and you can store their results for them

But first, you need to download, install and sign up to Test To Go. Click on button below for guidance on how to do this.

See full instructions for use

Test To Go working for businesses

Employers and employees want to know they are working in a safe environment and knowing the COVID status of those in the organisation is not only important but may save lives. That’s why we created the Test To Go app. Businesses can use this as part of their COVID response planning to test staff, providing accurate results quickly and generating testing reports in real-time. The Test To Go AdministratorsPortal gives businesses updates on which staff have been tested, when and their test results. Now you can see the COVID-19 status of your business, at a glance.

Administrator Portal